From roses to sequoias, nature is rich and bountiful!
From spring to autumn, the changing flowers and foliage highlight the spectacular aspect of a landscape design. Plants have to meet a very wide range of uses and needs.
Their characteristics (shape, size, colour, growth, and soil and sunshine requirements) determine the range of plants that will suit your garden.
Our lanscapers will help you choose, so that your surroundings will be a riot of scents and colours.


Humankind has always placed a high symbolic value on trees. They provide refreshing shade in the heat of summer, they produce the oxygen that is essential for life to flourish and they are refuge for many animal species.
Be it broadleaved or evergreen, massive or on a more modest scale, we always advise you on the ideal tree for your garden.

Annual flower display

By using perennials and annuals, gardens can provide many different visual displays throughout the year.
This variety can be expressed in successive waves of flowers in bright colours or pastel shades, or in variations in size and shape.
In spectacular massed flower beds or in tasteful small arrangements, annuals and perennials create striking visual effects and allow great scope for the gardener's creativity.

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