Our creations

Once the features of your layout have been designed, the key stage of creating your garden actually starts.
Infrastructure, rainwater recovery, landscaping, ground preparation, it is on these solid foundations that the coverings, the landscaping structures and the planting will give your new garden its unique character.
We have created many types of garden, from secluded private gardens to majestic public parks, we have a huge range of skills.

Private gardens, public spaces, structural landscaping, roof gardens, sports grounds, playgrounds, pools and nature gardens.

The 'Extras'

Lighting, fences, automatic irrigation, outside furniture, these are all items which make gardens pleasanter, safer and more enjoyable.
By highlighting a tree or a fountain, by picking out a pathway, your garden's lighting arrangement creates a special ambience and gives it a new dimensions after the sun sets.
In conjunction with specialist contractors (electricians, plumbers, or furniture designers) we can provide a range of special products to fulfil your requirements.

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