The name of Boccard has been associated for a century and a half with the landscaping and beautification of both private and public spaces in Geneva and the surrounding area.

Since 1862, four generations of the Boccard family have built up skills and experience in the service of amateurs and professionals who appreciate quality plants and beautiful gardens. From father to son, and then to grandson and great-grandson, the business has kept up the tradition, has innovated and forged a reputation based on unfailing skill and know-how.
We were originally nurserymen, so it is quite natural that our business should have moved into landscaping and maintaining parks and gardens. Now, as then, we are still able to design and carry out all the types of work that make up the vast domain of landscaping services.

Boccard SA can call on some eighty employees. It is made up of a design and drawing office for producing plans and an external landscaping business for building and maintaining parks and gardens, and it still has an important link with the ornamental plant nursery which bears the same name.
Understanding and respecting nature, enjoying and telling people about its diversity, bringing beauty and pleasure to customers’ living environments, these are the values that inspire us day to day.

"Landscape designers" is the description by which the house of Boccard is known. It is a good definition of our philosophy of the business that we are privileged to engage in.

Boccard Parcs et Jardins SA
6, route de la Croix-en-Champagne
La Petite Grave - 1236 Cartigny
Tel : 022 798 43 43
Fax : 022 791 05 52
Email : info@boccardsa.ch
17, route de Cartigny
1236 Cartigny