Design office

Majestic and  spectacular, simple and intimate... each garden has its own charms.
The job of landscape architects is to devise a leafy space that suits your personality and meets your specific requirements. With their creative gifts, they show nature off to its best advantage and come up with innovative solutions to fulfil your wishes.

Our services:

• Plans and quotations • Surveys and planning descriptions • Authorisations and enquiry documentation
• Work schedules • Calculation of replanting tax • Maintenance proposals

Private individuals:  From the initial sketch right through to carrying out the work, our landscape architects use their skills to further your project and also help you with the various administrative procedures. To make your garden the most beautiful room in your house, a space for relaxation and pleasure, a place for discovering the beauties of nature, we tailor our proposals to your wishes and to your budget.
Our knowledge of flora and our experience in the art of gardens mean that we can not only tackle projects for renovating existing gardens, but we can also create new spaces. 
While the work is being carried out, our design office will remain in touch with you to handle any new requests or to make changes to the work in progress.

Professionals :  Our design office can advise you on how to take your plans further, and it can help you refine your selection of plants to suit the particular conditions of your site. It can look after all landscaping engineering, calculate the replanting taxes and draw up plans of the works.

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